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Dave, concept art by Alfred Achiampong

I've been working on the guy since the beginning of last month on my free time, his name is Dave and it's based on the concept art of Alfred Achiampong. Alfred was pretty gentle in let me do this 3D version of Dave and even more gentle for let me change the design of the shoulder a little bit.

So go check his work here on Artstation. ->

For this project I did the sculpt, retopoloy/modeling, UVs and IDs in Blender 2.79b and all the texturing in Substance Painter. After that I've imported my scene in Blender 2.8 Alpha and worked on the materials, lighting, hair, render and compositing. I've also used the new subsurface distribution method Random Walk, wich is amazing.

For the eyes I'm using the Auto Eye.

Lucas falcao dave final 02 web
Lucas falcao dave final 01 web
Lucas falcao dave final 06
Lucas falcao screenshot from 2018 09 07 18 39 27
Lucas falcao animation wip dave
Lucas falcao dave final 07
Lucas falcao dave final 08
Lucas falcao dave final 09
Lucas falcao alfred achiampong guy front and back