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Pharmacies Associated

This is a very awesome animation project that my friends from Estudio Pe Grande invited me to participate, which consisted in a series of seven very short animations for a local drugstore (Farmacias Associadas). It was very challenger in many ways, my task was modeling the sixteen characters, some assets, and make about nine blend shapes for each character. Here is the credit list with the team of awesome artists who contributed to this project.

Directors: Gabriel Vedana e Felipe Galvão
Concept: Natália Brondani, Gabriel Vedana e Felipe Galvão
Modeling: Lucas Falcão, Pedro Casavecchia, Gabriel Vedana e Felipe Galvão
Rigger: Danilo Pinheiro
Layout: Gabriel Vedana e Felipe Galvão
Animation: Paulo Lombardi, Lucas Meriguetti e Mallo Ryker
Look/Dev: Victor Hugo
Post Production: Gabriel Vedana e Felipe Galvão
Dust FX: Derek Henriques
Agency: Matriz
Audio: Batuque

Aqui você tem amigos - Farmácias Associadas

Characters - Farmácias Associadas

Lucas falcao 12 corredor02 bs
Lucas falcao 01 gaucho blend shapes
Lucas falcao 13 pai bs
Lucas falcao 02 cavalo
Lucas falcao 14 guria02 bs
Lucas falcao 03 paizao bs
Lucas falcao 07 farmaceutico
Lucas falcao animais
Lucas falcao 08 mulher1 bs
Lucas falcao 06 moleque bs
Lucas falcao 09 guria02 bs
Lucas falcao 05 bebe bs
Lucas falcao 11 corredor01 bs
Lucas falcao 10 guria flores bs