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Here is a pretty cool job that I participated on the beginning of the year, for the studio Makako. My role was modeling the characters, unwrap the models and baking some color, AO and curvature maps. I was very fun model this characters because it's something different than and usually do and the guys from studio Makako did an awesome job on the concepts.

Senac - Gladiador Canário

Senac - Iglu

Senac - Unic├│rnio

Lucas falcao personagem01 v01
Lucas falcao personagem01 v02
Lucas falcao canario
Lucas falcao personagem02 v01
Lucas falcao personagem02 v02
Lucas falcao personagem03 v01
Lucas falcao personagem03 v02
Lucas falcao animal01
Lucas falcao animal02
Lucas falcao animal03
Lucas falcao animal04